What should we do for strong gums and teeth?

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

When gums would be strong then teeth are strong. To every limb, there is one protection system in the human body in the same way gums are teeth protection. We should consider if our gums are in rose color then it is healthy otherwise unhealthy. Experience having symptoms such as bleeding from the gums, color changing, shrinking, pus formation, black shades, stripes between gums and teeth. Bad smell comes from the mouth.

Because of all these, teeth can be weak and also toothache will be started. So, if we want to keep our teeth and gums healthy should follow simple remedies. It is easy.

  • We must and should brush our teeth daily twice before going to the bed and after getting from the bed. It is better every time after eating of the food pour water into the mouth then gargle it.

  • Before going to bed place the salt in lukewarm water and gargle then spit it. If we do like gums will be healthy.

  • Calcium plays the essential role to keep the teeth healthy. We should take milk, curd, cheese, soya, and finger millet. Because calcium is rich in these substances. Should reduce bisects, chocolates and sweet item.

  • Daily, after brushing massage teeth with a spoon of sesame oil. If put a spoon of sesame into the mouth, chewing it slowly and eat then gums can be healthy.

  • Should take more which is providing Vitamin-C such as lemon, Orange, Sweet Orange, pomegranate and etc…

  • Hence who has having gums problems take haritaki crushed in a glass of water and heat it after it becomes a lukewarm gargle then spit it. If we can do like this daily; bleeding from the gums and pus formation this type of problems will be reduced.

  • Alum is one of the important sources to make gums healthy. Take some of the alum and make them like a powder then keep aside. In a glass of warm water mix alum powder. Pour this mixer into your mouth, gargle then spit it. Alum helps in making the gums healthy. This lotion works as a natural mouthwash. Note: 1. We should Brush teeth daily twice with a fluoride toothpaste.

2. According to dentist’s advice, brush your teeth 2-3 minutes.


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