Uses of conditioner and to be get black hair

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

After a head bath, we use a conditioner to soften the scalp without any complications. Again can't remember the conditioner except when cleaning the hair. However, there are more uses with the conditioner. Let us know the uses of the conditioner.

Bath Moisturizer

The conditioner works as a bath moisturizer. More foam comes out when used body scrub. That is why a little conditioner should use while bathing to get the skin back to its natural moisture.


The conditioner contains fragrance. Take a little water and conditioner in a spray bottle and mix well. Now, if this spray sprayed on the hair and clothing that will disperse the scent.

The skin rises during manicure (pedicure, manicure) and

pedicure. Then apply a little conditioner on the cotton wool and massage it on the nails. It makes the skin of the nails soft.

Skin tightens

The skin rises during the manicure (Embellishing hands, fingernails) and pedicure (feet, toenails). Then apply a little conditioner on the cotton wool and rub it on the nails as if massaged. With this softens near the nails skin.

As a laundry soap

The conditioner can be used when the laundry soap is not available on time. First, soak the clothes in hot water and then apply a teaspoon of conditioner. Put them in foaming water for half an hour. Then take them out of the water and dry them!

For Black Hair

Tell me who doesn’t like black pressed clouds. However, in some cases, the hair becomes gray at a young age. Here are some tips to help you get rid of gray hair. Try this with the kitchen ingredients.

Black Tee

Its antioxidants prevent hair loss. The chemicals in it give black to the hair. Add four black tea powders in a cup of water and boil well. Then cool and apply this liquid all over the hair. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Doing this regularly will make the hair black.

With sesame seeds and coconut oil

Nourishing these two hairs accelerates the melanocytic action that causes the darkening of the hair follicles. Take equal amounts of these oils, heat them, and apply them to the scalp. Do this two to three times a week and the hair will turn black. The hair will grow nicely.

Coconut milk for hair

Grate the coconut and make milk at home. The nutrients in them are not only good for health.... they are good for beauty. How is that ..

Mix coconut milk, egg white, and half a cup of soaked dill and make a paste. Put a non-ulcer shower cap on it. After half an hour, if you clean with a mild shampoo, the hair will fall out and look healthy. Frequent outings every week can help prevent hair contamination.

Mix a large spoon of castor oil in coconut milk and apply it on the scalp. Moisture plays from the stems to the end. Provide essential nutrition. It makes the hair thicker. Raleigh is in control of the problem.

When you are suffering from hair loss and dandruff, dissolve a cup of coconut milk, a cup of aloe vera paste, and a little camphor in coconut oil and mix everything. Apply it on the scalp and bathe the scalp for a while to reduce the problem. It can’t come across. Useful as a conditioner when.


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