Top health care tips in summer beware of sunstroke

Updated: May 8

summer sunstroke

With the heat of summer, the heat in the body also increases. Symptoms include fatigue, tiredness, excessive sweating, dry skin, headaches, drowsiness, and sore throats. If the body temperature gradually rises to 104 degrees due to the heat of the sun, we will suffer from sunstroke! It is natural to suffer from sunburn even if the body temperature reaches that level due to physical activity in hot or humid climates. There are many reasons for this. The most important of them ...

  • Wear airtight clothing that does not absorb perspiration. Wear black that absorbs heat quickly.

  • Drinking alcohol loses its ability to regulate temperature.

  • Failure to replace water lost by the body through sweat.

It is better to be careful not to get that condition than to suffer from sunstroke. These precautions should be taken to avoid exposure to summer heat.


It should be light, airtight, and comfortable to breathe. Wear yarn and white clothing as much as possible.


When exposed to direct sunlight, the body loses its cooling nature. So if you have to go out in the sun, you must wear a hat, sunglasses and an umbrella. Do not overdo it with sunscreen prescribed by a doctor. Do not dry.


The pot should be watered once an hour until thirsty. In addition to water, coconut water and buttermilk should be drunk frequently. Thus, if the amount of water and mineral salts in the kitchen is kept regular, we can escape from the effects of the sun.

Exercise times

The intensity of the sun is high from 10 am to 4 pm. So those times have to be spent in the shade. Allocate non-intensity times to exercise.

Toddler care in the summer

Children's pale bodies are more susceptible to sunburn. The immune system of sensitive children did not provide them with adequate health care during this period. Therefore, in summer, special care should be taken in everything from baby clothes to solid and liquid items.

  • Babies under six months of age should not be given any fluids other than breast milk. Their thirst is satisfied only through milk. With mother's milk comes the ability to withstand the summer heat.

  • It should be understood that babies urinate six to seven times a day to quench their thirst. Therefore, special care should be taken in everything from baby clothing to solid and liquid ingredients.

  • Babies under six months of age should not be given any fluids other than breast milk. Their thirst is satisfied only through milk. Mother's milk can withstand the summer heat.

  • Children's urine is pure water and they need to realize that they are getting enough water.

  • Children who have started solid food after six months can drink coconut water and unsweetened fresh fruit juices.

  • As a solid food for children, rice husks, wheat, and finger millet (ragi) should be fried, dried, and canned.

  • You can add water to the powder and cook it soft and feed it with lentils and curries.

  • Fresh fruits should be chopped or mashed and fed along with solid food.

  • Do not bathe immediately after feeding, before feeding.

top health tips in summer beware sunstroke

Avoid getting sunburned by children

  • For babies, set the AC temperature at 28 degrees at home. Babies are at risk for infections due to higher temperatures.

  • It is better not to use air coolers as they can cause infections in children.

  • Wet mats, dried meats, and window coverings will cool their room. However, it should be noted at the time whether they are sublime or not.

  • Instead of AC's and coolers, wide basins filled with water cool the fan-lined rooms. However, children should not be allowed near the water.

  • Children should wear sunglasses and caps properly.

What Alternative Medicine Says


Bile symptom is related to heat so some symptoms are evident in summer whether the body is bile or not. Unprecedented irritability and boredom mean that you have an increase in bile. If these symptoms are psychological, physical symptoms such as fatigue, dry hair, gastritis, and chest inflammation may also be present. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. The antidote to this is to take food that cools the body! For this ...

Do not want soft drinks

Suppose cooling is the antidote to heat. But this principle does not apply in the case of food. Cold drinks increase Indigestion. So do not take cold water or soft drinks. Drink fresh directly at room temperature instead.

Cooling fruits and vegetables

Fruits like watermelon, grapes, and dosa (yellow cucumber) cool the body. Vegetables like cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. also spill the body heat. In addition to these, you should also eat water-rich spinach and gourds.

top health tips in summer beware sunstroke

Not thirsty?

Cold water does not completely quench thirst. Then try to quench your thirst with fresh fruit juices. Drink plenty of watermelons, muskmelon, orange and coconut juices. These protect the body from dehydration. Buttermilk and coconut water can also be taken frequently to protect against sunburn. Also do not add sugar to the cider for extraction. It is not advisable to overdose on fruit juices and stores them in a freezer. Make and drink fresh fruit juices from time to time. Also, solids should be taken in moderation during this period. In the summer the digestive system works somewhat lame. So make it a habit to take small amounts of food more often. Recipes should be stored and cooked regularly without eating. Eat less salt, pepper, and spices.


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