Top 7 tips-nutrients needed for hair protection

Updated: May 13

We make every effort to keep our hair healthy and consistent. See if any of them are taking these precautions.

1. Grow with yogurt

nutrients needed for hair protection

Want to grow hair thicker... Increase the dose of yogurt in your diet. It provides not only protein but also other nutrients. The blood circulation to the scalp is smooth. As a result, hair grows healthily. Eggs should be taken along with this. The protein, iron, and B vitamins derived from these, especially biotin does not weaken the hair.

2. Spinach

spinach-nutrients needed for hair protection

Like all types of greens, spinach is high in nutrients. Mainly spinach contains vitamins A, C, iron, beta-carotene, folate, and protein. These nutrients help the hair to grow healthy and prevent dryness. If the clouds are wet ... the little problem seems to be pretty much under control.

3. Without breaking with the guava

It is rich in vitamin C. This nutrient prevents hair loss. More than 300 milligrams of vitamin C can be obtained from a cup of guava slices. We should try to eat this fruit whenever possible

4. Does not fall with iron

Most people do not realize that the less iron our body gets, the greater the risk of hair loss. If the hair is falling out .... do a test for iron deficiency beforehand. Then some dates provide iron. Greens, nuts, whole grains like oats are should be taken. Iron supplements should also be selected with the help of a doctor if necessary.

5. Inanimate sweet potato

seat potato-nutrients needed for hair protection

Dry scalp makes their hair look lifeless and dry. Do you want to shine such hair again... The best solution for this is to choose sweet potato. These contain beta-carotene. It is converted into vitamin A as it enters the body. That nutrient releases sebum ... making the hair look dry and lifeless. Along with this, you can bring carrots, pumpkins, watermelons, and lemons.

6. Cinnamon for blood circulation

Make a habit of applying very little of this powder in all kinds of ingredients. It increases blood circulation. The nutrients and oxygen that you take in will reach the hair follicles regularly and grow healthy.

7. Banana for dry hair

Concentrated shampoos, pollution, and frequently used cosmetics are some of the common causes for thinning hair. Try these hair packs as a solution to this problem.

  • Take a bowl and add egg yolks, 1 cup almond oil, and mix well. This should be taken care of well for the hair and scalp. Rinse with cold water after 45 minutes. Then clean with a mild shampoo. By doing this, the hair will get enough nutrition and the curls will be healthy.

  • In half a cup of coconut oil, add two tablespoons of banana pulp and honey and mix well. Apply this mixture on the scalp and massage. Finally, wash with shampoo. Doing this once a week will reduce the dryness of the hair.


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