Summer skin care

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Summer kills the people with hot weather in this season face becomes a dullness or dryness because of high temperature. During the summer season, we feel a lot of joy when sprinkling the cold water on the face. But this time, let to try rubbing of ice cubes. As a result, not only does it make the skin look cooler - there are other benefits too summer skin care.

Follow the below article to keep the face cool in the summer season.

  • Dermatologists say if you rub the face with ice cubes, the aging shades will not come too that enters directly into the gray cells. Over there, all the cells are active. The skin near us. Apply a piece of ice to the face before applying makeup. Afterward, apply the cream also becomes tight.

  • If rub softly with ice cubes under the eye, blackheads will disappear.

  • If the face is oily the outer impurities are easily absorbed into the skin. Due to this, pimple and spots will become. If you do not face this problem message the face with ice cubes because of this, skin also changes to brightness. It is best useful for summer skin care.

  • Insomnia or long hours working on a computer can cause tiredness. Also, water reaches the skin under the eyes. There will be bloating. Ii this situation, if you scrub around the eye with ice cubes can get relief.

  • If the skin on the lips is dry, and rub them gently with a piece of ice. Put a little ghee on that. The lipstick is shining when you go outside. Reduce the problem of dryness on the lips.

  • Through rubbing the ice cubes on the skin also closes open glands. The skin looks fresh.

Let it see to do some other remedies for summer skin care.

  • The sun's effect on the skin can be overwhelming. When this time, applies honey over the face and massage. It enough washes after dry. Skin can get fresh and soft.

  • Dryness of the skin can cause dry hands and feet. Therefore, half an hour before the bath, rub the coconut oil with your hands and feet. Not only does the skin stay fresh - but it also softens.

  • Because of overheat, skin can cause inflammation and turn black. Work as it is. Massage the face with two large spoonfuls of rose water and mix it with lemon juice and cucumber juice. Keep it washed after a while. If the lemon juice removes black - cucumber juice and rose water will cool the skin. This is best for summer skin care.

Aloe Vera is also one of the best sources to protect skin in summer. Take some fresh aloe Vera prepare juice to take into the small bowls or cubes to keep it until frozen like a make ice cube (Aloe Vera cube). Rub your face with this frozen Aloe Vera Cubes when you come in from the sun or apply before going to make an even at night. By doing this, your skin can get fresh and glowing. Aloe Vera has two hormones those are auxin and gibberellins. These two hormones are responsible for providing anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin inflammation.

Follow above articles for best summer skin care.


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