Nutrition facts in Pomegranate

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Pomegranate is the best fruit other than all fruit. It is the best medicine for pregnant women. There is nothing else other than it for the unborn baby to be healthy and immediate recover from the ill. No one is there even though it difficult to eat in removing of the peel. Even though all fruit is good for health but pomegranate would be call king in fruits.

Nutrition facts:

In the amount of 100g-

Energy: 83kcal Vitamin - E: 0.6mg

Fat: 1.17g Vitamin - C: 10.2mg

Calcium: 10mg Vitamin - K: 16.4mg Proteins: 1.67g

Iron: 0.30mg

Potassium: 236mg

Magnesium: 12mg

Sodium: 3mg Fiber: 4g

Zinc: 0.35mg


In pomegranate, punicalagin, punic acid this type of substances works powerfully than the antioxidants of red wine, green tea and even though there are so many healthy fruits compared than the others. Scientists researched this on heart disease patients. They found blood circulation of the heart was increased up to 17 % by giving of pomegranate juice daily 250ml up to 3 months. If B.P patients drink daily one glass of pomegranate juice up to 12 weeks B.P would be controlled.

  • In pomegranate antioxidants, the prostate can prevent this type of diseases like breast cancer, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.

  • If we eat daily one medium size of a pomegranate, the body can get desirable vitamin-c.

  • It is also useful in active sex. It would increase testosterone levels in men and women and prevent pregnancy problems.

  • If you ate pomegranate seeds or drunken teeth and gums problem can reduce. Because antiviral and antibacterial attributes are more in pomegranate. That's why it removes mass on teeth and including all dental inspections can reduce.

  • The fact found memory is increased in whom suffering from Alzheimer’s in old age if were give one glass of pomegranate juice in daily.

  • If we take pomegranate juice daily, dyspepsia can reduce.

  • Asthma, throat burning, and cough problem can reduce if we take mixing of honey, pomegranate juice, ginger juice in quantity of tablespoon

  • Pomegranate leaves are antibacterial. So, if grind the fresh leaves and apply this on the sore can get relief.

  • If there are small stones in kidney or bladder, take pomegranate seeds and grind it as a lump then take it one spoon of it with one cup of ulavacharu. Due to this, stones dissolve then gone outside through urine.

  • If you use mixing of tablespoon honey and pomegranate juice in daily 2 or 3 times, inflammation in the stomach can reduce.

  • It makes hair healthy. Reduce pimples. If apply this juice to your face it can work like toner and remove dead cells.

  • Remove pomegranate peel and grind it then take juice from this, amount of one teaspoon juice, teaspoon ghee and a quarter cup of nutmeg powder, if you take this mixer once in a day vomiting and diarrhea would be reduced.


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