Nutrients of guava fruits for health

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

In daily life taking fruits, guava is one of the fruit. In villages, most of the people have this guava tree. It is an easy and simple crop to be cultivated. There are a lot of benefits in guava fruit. Some people neglect this fruit to eat without knowing about this. Let us know what it has and how it useful for our health.

Nutrients facts:

In amount of 100g

Energy: 68 kcal Vitamin A: 624IU Fat: 1.g Vitamin C: 228mg Proteins: 2.6g Vitamin E: 0.73mg Carbohydrate: 14.g Vitamin K: 2.7µg Fiber: 5.4g

Sodium: 2mg Potassium: 417mg Calcium: 18mg


  • 1 Because of guava fruit containing vitamin-c humanity is increases. It keeps quite far away from which we have faced in monsoons deceases such as cold and cough. Vitamin-C has a capacity for avoiding cancer causes factors.

  • Eating of guava fruit potassium, sodium would be equilibrium; it can control high blood pressure in our body and also reduces bad cholesterol.

  • It containing copper because of this Thyroid gland is healthy.

  • Increasing digestive attribute is very high in guava. In this antibacterial attributes keeps the gastrointestinal system be healthy.

  • In guava anti accidents save skin healthy. We can save from skin wrinkle if we eat daily one guava fruit.

  • Fiber is also high in guava. But starches are less. We feel stomach is full when we eat even one guava fruit.

  • When the form of ulcer and gums swollen inside the mouth it keeps far away from this type of illness. It saves from coming up bacteria inspections in between teeth.

  • Vitamin-A is also high in guava it gives eye protection.

  • If we drink tea made with guava leafs sugar can be controlled.

  • While suffering from dyspepsia and vomiting, take four guava leaf in a glass of water and boil it if drink slowly we can get a better result. It can help to the heart protection and diabetes patients


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