How to stop snoring naturally

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

During the sleep, the muscles in the throat loose and the tongue slips backward. With this, the way of breathing becomes thinner. Sound from loose muscles shaking when breathing the air. This sound is known as snoring. This problem can also be present when there are problems in the nose, sinusitis, adenoids, and polyps in the nose. Alcohol is also a factor. In people with sputum, weight gain, and excess fat around the neck can be a problem.

Snoring is not the only problem for you, it disturbs your partner or your friend who share the bed at night time. Because of snoring lose their sleep the once next to you. Mainly, a new married couple very disturbing. A night-time relationship on the bed the impression can be reduced who have this problem she/he. Allergy is one of the reasons for snoring. It can stop the airflow through your nose.


Reduce sweet and sour ingredients that increase sputum. We should stop eating sweet foods. Finish the meal early at night time. It should be taken in moderation as much as possible. People with this problem should not eat yogurt at night. Also, make it a habit to drink hot water before going to bed.

Change with Yoga

Avoid drinking and smoking. If you are addicted to sleeping pills, you should reduce it. By doing Pranayama, the muscles in the nose and throat become rigid and alleviate the problem of snoring. Surya Bhedi Pranayama, Kapalabhati, Bharamari, Omkaram should practice regularly. If you have practiced yoga-like Bhujangasana, Yoga mudra, Brahma mudra, fat can be reduced on the neck area and the problem can control. Before going to sleep should wash your nose with hot water. Sleep back to one side.


  • Two or three drops of lukewarm mustard oil must be applied to the nose before bedtime.

  • Drink 20 to 30 m.l. of peppermint infusion overnight.

  • Peel, peppercorns, and pepper - all three should be crushed together. This powder should be consumed overnight with a little bit of honey.

  • Drink three or four eucalyptus oil per cup of hot water overnight.

  • Boil 20 mint leaves in a cup of water and drinks the lukewarm, to reduce the snoring.

  • Dehydration can lead to mucus build up in your nose, which can make you snoring. It is better to drink more water to resolve this problem.

  • Weight lose is also help to control the snore.

  • Avoid sleeping pills during the sleep.

  • Keep bed room clean and neat with good smell.

  • Do daily yoga and exercise for better result.


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