How to gain weight fast

Weight gain is a dream for skinny people. They were thinking build their body strongly. Because they bothering see other person’s body. Some one’s body is very strong. That’s why skinny people feel some guilty feeling seeing of them. They think why we should build strong body. But some ones don’t know how to gain weight and how to build strong body. If we should follow proper diet, taking healthy food and daily exercise we can gain weight easily.

Eat more and high calories food. Don’t drink water before going to meals. If you drink water before meals you can’t eat food a lot. We have to choose healthy and energetic foods. It helps you gain weight quickly.

Follow these to gain weight

Dates give good energy to our body. It contains rich source of vitamins and minerals. It makes the muscles strong. Consume dates regularly it helps to gain weight. It contains vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5. It gives instant energy to our body. Consume dates with milk it gives better result. Both combinations of these give high calories to your body.

Banana and Milk

Banana is very help to gain body. It gives good energy and more calories. One banana contains 105 calories (medium 110grams). Take two or three banana with milk in the morning. Milk contains high proteins it gives good energy to our body.


It is also helps to gain weight. If we take cup of curd with sugar after lunch it’s better for gain weight. We can take curd in the form of lassi it good stamina to our body. It makes to gain our body weight. Lassi available all fruit juice shops. So we can take easily.

Dry fruits

Dry fruit is a combination dates, almond, cashew nuts and walnuts. These give high calories to our body. If you eat some dry fruits daily you can gain weight quickly. Walnuts help to build strong muscles. Eat more food other than roti and junk food. Junk foods create high fat in our body and harmful to our health.


Potato is one of the weight gain supplement. It helps us to built strong body. Potatoes available in the form of chips you can take it whatever way. Eat boiling potatoes after exercise it give good stamina to our body.

Including these do the exercise daily and take all these healthy foods. These help you to gain weight quickly. Take foods time to time it’s better for our body to maintain good health.


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