How stop hair fall in a natural way

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Now a day’s hair fall is a common problem for all. Did you think why it happens like this? It based on taking of food supplements. In these days’ we eat all chemical foods. It is the main reason for hair fall. In old days our elder’s ate good food.

So, they didn’t face these problems. But now everyone faces it. If we follow small precautions we can control it. Some of the people have a lack of knowledge to take care of about it. They use different products from the markets. But they can't get a good result. All those have chemicals. Follow the below article to stop hair fall.

There is a lot of natural ways to stop the hair fall. Now let us know one of them.


Curry leaves

Betel leaves

Hibiscus leaves

Coconut oil

Preparation method: Take 5 – 10 betel leaves, 5- 10 hibiscus leaves and some curry leaves. Cut them neat and clean keep aside.Take a cup of coconut oil pour it in a bowl and hence place in it curry leaves, betel leaves, and hibiscus leaves. Boil this combination on fire and until leaves become a black. Store it in a glass vessel after cooling.

Apply this oil to your hair wherefore hair fall is more apply there some more and gently massage about 10 minutes. Keep it entire night and then wash in the morning. If you do like this 2 time for a week you can observe reducing of hair fall and also new hair grown. This oil enters into your hair roots deeply. It makes strong and gives strong energy and required nutrients.


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