Honey role in daily life

Updated: May 30, 2019

We can say honey is the nature of giving an admirable gift. It has a source of sweat including nutrients and medicine attributes. It is one the great source of sweat made by the honey bee.

Nutrition facts:

In amount of 100g

Energy: 304kcal Vitamin B6: 0.025mg

Fiber: 0.2g Vitamin C: 0.5mg

Fat: 0g

Carbohydrates: 82g

Calcium: 0.1g

Sodium: 4mg

Potassium: 52mg

Iron: 0% Protein: 0.3g


Honey plays the key role in beauty. It gives energy. Increases hunger. Good for heart and eye. It gives brightness to the skin. It can stop increasing of fat in our body. It sweeps the sore. If you apply it to oral ulcer and rashes, it gives a good result.

Some more others

  • When suffering from a normal cough, mix honey and ginger juice if you have it gives relief from a cough.

  • Daily, if you drink the mixture of honey and cool water obese can be controlled.

  • Whoever have lungs diseases that type of people would take honey with lemon juice they can get relief from it.

  • Honey works divine medicine of in sore pimples, skin diseases, headache, cough, fever, anemia and etc.

  • If you give adding honey, holy basil juice, and turmeric, bowel diseases can be prevented.

  • Due to having of honey diabetes patients can get a good result. This type of people should take pure honey don’t take adulteration honey.

  • Add in a glass of water one spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon juice. If you drink this, pimples can be reduced and not only that adding honey to turmeric powder make it as pellets if you eat this pimple can be reduced.

  • It helps in weight loss without losing your energy.

  • Riboflavin is rich in honey for skin beauty. If you apply to add of honey and milk to your face then wash after sometimes face can get brightness.

  • Add milk and honey then apply it over the face then after rinsing with moong flour. It gives brightness to your face. It is better than the using chemical soaps and creams.


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