Homemade face pack for winter

With the onset of winter, some people face skin problems such as dryness or shrinkage of the skin. And someone's skin inflames when going outside due to sun exposure. Such people should try some natural face packs to keep their skin healthy. Follow the homemade face packs for winter.

With Papaya

The enzymes present in papaya fruit have the property of improving skin color. Including this fruit-eating regularly and its pulp has to rub on the face every two days. Facial skin is healthy.

WIth Multani Mitti

Milk and Honey

Mix milk and honey in equal parts and apply on the face. After massaging for a while and then rinsing with cold water, the skin becomes healthy and radiant. If it works as a natural cleanser.. honey prevents bacteria. It makes skin soft.

With Potato

Add a few drops of lemon juice to the potato and apply it to the face. It acts as a natural beach and brightens the skin. It protects against burn out. Add lemon juice to the potato slices and massage it on the face.

With Almond

Almond oil contains vitamins A, D, and E. These improve skin tone. Mix almond oil in banana pulp and apply on face and wash off after twenty minutes. The antioxidants in them improve blood circulation. Prevent dark circles.

With Tomato and Cucumber

Applying tomato and cucumber slices on the face removes dead cells. It works as a cleanser and including protects the skin from getting wrinkles under the eyes.

Other Ways

  • When the face becomes dull and dull, apply a face pack made of almonds, poppies, saffron, and milk. After drying, wash with water to leave dead cells and, the face will glow with freshness. Almonds keep the skin hydrated. Poppies act like scrub. Milk nourishes the skin. Saffron brightens the face.

  • When the skin on your face becomes dry, apply ghee. Then clean with a cleanser. If the skin is oily apply a mixture of Multani mitti and water on the face.

  • The eye gets tired quickly watching TV smartphone all day. Then slice the buttermilk and make a paste of yogurt. Apply this paste on the eyes and rinse with lukewarm water for ten minutes. It reduces eye strain as well as under-eye circles.


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