Home remedies for heat rashes, keep the body cool in summer

Updated: Feb 26

Heat rashes problems are more in summer. This problem starts when we are in hot weather and stay at high temperature.

Our body tried becomes heat in hot weather. Present days, during summer temperature, are very high compare to previous days. Due to this, our body gets more heat and form heat rashes. That means red color dots form on our body. The cause of heat rashes forming, more swept on the body. Due to this, itching and inflammation can start slowly.

Causes of body heat

Heat increases when the water is low in the body eat more spices, seasonings, and mental depression. Even due to some unhealthy conditions, it seems. Especially, when suffering from hyperthyroidism.

The acidic food items those spicy, chips, and dried food this type of food utilizes more water in our body. It is one of the reasons to increase more heat in the body.

So, we can get relief from the heat rashes if we follow some simple precautions.


Generally, heat rashes form; in the parts of the neck, face, shoulders, leg wrinkle, and in high fat stored place of our body. If you neglect it, becomes lesions. Follow these below articles for safety.

  • We should bathe daily two times. It is better, bathing or wipe with wet cloths when getting more swept.

  • Should wear loose thin cotton clothes.

  • Place handful jasmine flower and nut flower (jaaji poolu) in bathing water and soak it for an hour then bath with this. This water bathing keeps cool our body

  • We should drink more water. Drinking more water body can cool. As possible as have to reduce going in the sunrise.

  • As possible as taking watermelon, muskmelon, coconut water, lemon juice, and buttermilk in more quantity. Should avoid spicy, seasoning (garam masala) and oil fried food items.


  • While forming heat rashes, apply sandalwood lumps like thin coated it can reduce inflammation and itching. And also add to this camphor apply as an ointment it can give good relief. It would be better to use organic sandalwood.

  • You can also get good relief by apply aloe mash.

  • Take light gray pumpkins to cut it small pieces grind them well then place them in a cloth and squeeze the juice from it. To this cup of juice add rock candy. If you drink this heat can be reduced.

  • Take red rose petals to wash it well clean and have to make it lump with the hand. Place it in hot water, the cover cap on it keeps it the entire day. After that, filter it then adds to this half cup of grilled curd. Make it like buttermilk, add to this rock candy then drink it. It gives a better result.

Basil (Sabja) Seeds role

Basil seeds keep our body cool in summer. So, to protect our body from this follow small precautions it will be helpful to our health.

  • First of all, soaking these seeds in water until half an hour. Add a little bit of lemon juice to this. Drink this mixer of juice. It can help to keep cool our body.

  • We should take coriander in more quantity. Intake coriander in the form of juice or curries, the temperature will be controlled in our body.

  • Lemon juice is also useful for our body to control the temperature. Take a glass of lemon juice then add a little bit of honey and drink. It will give a good result for our body.

  • Drinking mint water is better, to keep our body cool in summer. It can reduce body temperature.


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