Home remedies for fever

Another problem encountered during the rainy season is a fever. Decreased immunity, increased humidity, bacteria, viruses, etc. can all lead to fevers. It is always better to take precautions than to suffer when a problem arises.

The home environment should be kept clean. Lids are must be placed on cooked ingredients. If flies land on the food they eat, they are more likely to get typhoid and liver-related diseases. So be careful. Ingredients sold on the road should be completely avoided. Make sure you do not store water indoors or outdoors. If water is stored, spray it with pesticides or kerosene. During this period, water also causes various infections and fevers. Therefore, drink only boiled and cooled water. That water should be heat from time to time without even storing it. Flu fevers are more common during these times.

IF the fever comes

  • It is best to take lukewarm water during this time, not just when you have a fever. If you drink this often, the infection will subside quickly. If the fever is high, rub the body with a little crushed sandalwood or sandalwood paste in cold water to reduce the heat quickly.

  • If you are suffering from headache along with fever, apply camphor powder in half sandalwood as an ointment on the forehead.

  • The coriander should be roasted and dried. Spoon coriander powder into a cup of water and boil. Once the water is lukewarm, a large spoonful of seal or four times a day can reduce the fever.

  • Boil Tinospora cordifolia (tippatiga) powder in a cup of water and make it amber. Drink it three or four times a day with a large spoon.

  • Light food is good for fever. Fry a cup of rice and add eight times the amount of water to make a thin, thick porridge. Add a little ginger powder, half spoon ghee, and buttermilk. Infections in the body go away and the fever goes down quickly.

Put buttermilk weekly

Many chemical reactions take place in the body. Part of them is the release of certain impurities from the body. As the body digests, breathing, muscle movement, Impurities continue to release in every action like this. It is arranged in our body to go out in the form of feces, urine, exhalation, sweat. Illnesses do not occur if all these are done properly and the impurities do not accumulate in the body.


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