How to hide wrinkles on the face

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Commonly, the face can get wrinkle with age growing. But it appears in early age because of some problems. Due to this coming at an early age, young age people appear as old age people. That type of person looks to see high aged people.

Generally, aging shades start after 40. At this age we observing wrinkles comes on the skin. It will appear small lines at the age of 30 -35. But nowadays it appears even at the age of 20. So let us know why it happens like this.

Sunrise effect

Wrinkle forms sunrise direct on the skin due to the spoiling of collagen. And skin can change thick protecting itself. Thus the thickness grows up it can change as a wrinkle. It is known as solar elastosis.

Soap Effect

Soaps should be get rid of dirt but not remove natural oils. To avoid this we choose PH balanced soaps. For this, we should use TFM (Total Fat Matter) soaps nearly close to PH balance. This type of soap is called syndet bars. We can find dissolution soaps with the help of litmus paper. We have to choose based on getting results.


Water is very important for the skin. To moisturize the skin, to keep the skin moist. For this, we should drink water 4 - 5 liter per day.

Avoid Sandalwood powder

Using of sandalwood face powder skin can change as a black. There is more chance to be the target to suntan in this powder. If fall down for suntan, wrinkle begins. So should keep sandalwood based powder far away.


Sweet can increases free-radicals in our bodies. Due to this keeping of skin-tighten collagen can be decreased. So, we have to reduce sweets.


If the skin moisturized, the wrinkle does not form. Apply it immediately after the bath when wet and dry. Do like that, moisture sink into the opened skin pores and change wet. After that too, even those who need it can use moisturizer any number of times in a day.


After 30 years use sunscreen must and should. Most of the people would think it is only for who would go in the sunrise. But sunscreen prevents skin cancers.


Which type of sunscreen use?

There are a lot of sunscreens are available in the markets. SPF 25, 30, 40, 50 prints on those. But it might not have an exact value! So, we have to choose at least 30 SPF having sunscreens. For this, consult skin doctor they suggest which sunscreen is suitable for your skin.

How many times use sunscreen?

Sunscreen effect gives only four hours. So we have to apply one time for every four hours when we are in the sunrise. Apply it before 30 minutes when going into the sunrise.

Even who spent more time at home, they should use infrared radiation based sunscreen. Who needs moisture first apply it then use sunscreen otherwise choose moisture-based sunscreen.

People who do not have any skin problem they can use 30 SPF sunscreen and who have smooth skin problems should use 60, 100 SPF sunscreen. Those who have acne spots, they can use foundation based powder to be cover without seeing.

Players have to use a zinc oxide-based sunscreen. Swimming players should use water resistance sunscreen.


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