Health benefits of Papaya Nutrients

Updated: May 7, 2019

Papaya is a tasty and flavorful tropical fruit. It not only to eat and also using in recipes. Most of the people giving the preference for it eat. It has a great color combination of red and yellow color. It contains black seeds inside of the fruit.

Nutrition facts

In amount of 100 g.

Energy: 43 kcal. Vitamin A: 950 IU.

Fat: 0.3 g. Vitamin C: 60.1 mg

Fiber: 2 g. Vitamin E: 0.30 mg.

Iron: 0.25 mg Vitamin K: 2.6 µg

Protein: 0.5 g.

Sugar: 7.8 g.

Sodium: 8m g.

Calcium: 20.0 mg.

Carbohydrates: 10.81 g.

Cholesterol: 0.

Health Benefits

In Papaya there are a lot of health benefits. In this, all vitamin and minerals help us to keep our health healthy.

  • It increases mother breastfed in taking in the form of curry.

  • If you eat a mix of papaya milk and jaggery, an intestinal worm can be spoiled.

  • Grind papaya leaves very well and adds turmeric powder then apply it on elephantiasis. It gives good result.

  • In England, medicine which is made with papaya using it for contraception.

  • In this pa-pain enzyme helps for easy digestion.

  • It contains Vitamin-C high. It helps in boosting immunity. Vitamin-C works as wonderful antioxidants. It can absorb nitro-us amine cause of cancer.

  • It is also useful in beauty. Most of the people use this to make their face beautifully. For this using different face masks with papaya.

  • Due to Lack of Vitamin-K bone may take health risk. So consumption of Vitamin-A is good for bone health. It is available in papaya.

  • Papaya is good for hair. Due to it containing Vitamin-A; it needs for sebum protection. Taking of Vitamin-C it can help in building and maintain collagen, to form structured skin.

Papaya leaves are good for viral fever. If you take papayas leaves and honey in the form of juice daily two or three times, it can give good result. It increases platelets in our body. Platelets cause for viral fever. Someone took platelets increasing tablets they can't get a good result. If you have to take papaya leaves, it gives good result.


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