Hair Spa treatment at home

Updated: Jan 23

In present days everyone is suffering from hair problems due to lack of health and vitamin effect on their body. More people using different medicines to solve hair-related problems that are available in the market but, all those may have harmful chemicals. And someone's is going to the spa centers.

There are some easy solutions for hair spa treatment at our home. Follow below articles for hair spa treatment.


Coconut oil

Olive oil


Hibiscus flower

Banana mash


Preparation Method

Take a quarter or half cuff of coconut oil depending on hair, have to make it as a tepid and in the same quantity add olive oil to that coconut oil and then apply for hair. Now have to massage your head with the finger. If you can do five to ten minutes like this, blood circulation will be going smoothly.

After that add banana mash, the little bit of coconut oil and curd to egg yolks have to make it as a mixer. Mix it well and apply it for hair spindle to the ending point of hair like a pack to your head. Or in another way mix beetroot and hibiscus flower powder coated to the head. Hibiscus is containing Iron and vitamins.

Leaving this pack for 15 minutes later drowned towel/cloth in the hot water press it without water and wrap it over the head.Otherwise, you can use steamers also. In this pack, all substances of materials give good nutrients to the hair.

After completion of this pack after 15 minutes wash your hair with water. Hot water may be harmful it should be the better use of lukewarm water. Finally, it’s better applying conditioner when hair would be wet. If you can do this once in a monthly hair can get healthy and brightness.

Hair Spa Treatment with Cucumber


Olive Oil


Hot water in a bowl/pot

Treatment Method

Take half of the cucumber cut it into small pieces and take olive oil two tablespoons to mix them like a paste and keep it aside. First stream your hair with hot water about 10 – 15 minutes by using the towel. After completion of the stream, apply cucumber paste fully to your hair which has prepared and leave for it 15 minutes then wash your hair with cool water and less concentrated shampoo. You can do this weekly a once your hair can get healthy.

Why cucumber is useful for hair because cucumber containing vitamin A, C, and minerals. Combination of cucumber and Olive oil makes your hair healthy and brightness. These help the growth of your hair healthy.


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