Dates nutrition and health benefits

Updated: May 7, 2020

Dates have many health benefits. These contain no cholesterol. Also, the fat percentage is low. Instant energy is available.

Vitamins, minerals, and proteins are rich in it. Take at least a four or five dates per day. Instantaneous energy is obtained immediately after taking. Fatigue is far from over, cause for this the dates contain glucose, sucrose, and fructose.

Dates contain high amounts of potassium and calcium. Those nutrients were good for the bones. Reduce bad cholesterol. Acidity is under our control. The fiber in these helps to reduce the depreciation. Soak it in the milk and get a good sleep.

Soaking dried dates overnight and taking it with any fruit in the morning will not cause constipation problem. This is good food for those who want to gain weight. The iron content is also high. Regular intake does not cause anemia.

Nutrition Facts

In amount of 100gm

Energy : 278kcl Vitamin A: 148IU

Fat : 0.02g Vitamin C: 0mg

Proteins : 1.80g Vitamin K: 2.8µg

Carbohydrates: 74.90g

Fiber: 6.69g

Iron: 0.90mg

Potassium: 969mg

Calcium: 64mg

Zinc: 0.45mg

Phosphorus: 62.0mg

Sodium: 1mg

Copper: 362mg

Magnesium: 54mg

Health Benefits

Fiber is high on the dates. In this, fiber helps improve digestive health by preventing constipation. It may help to control blood sugar and control blood sugar levels. Sweats may harmful for diabetes patients. So, that type of people dates is better for them to eat.

It is one of the resources of antioxidants. These reduce several deceases. In dates three important antioxidants in there. Those are Carotenoid, Flavonoid, and Phenolic acid. These three antioxidants are the most effect on reducing the risks of diabetes, some types of cancers, eye-related disorders, and heart diseases.

Our brain tired while working in the office, especially software employees they would have to use their brain to think technical in their work. In such a situation, when we take dates, our brain is active.

Those who are going to Gym after completion of their work out they would take some dates it gives instant energy. It helps to make the muscles stronger. The bones also become rigid.

It contains natural sugar, but all are not. Nowadays, some companies are incorporating sugar into a date. This may not be good for diabetes patients. Choose the best quality of dates or organic dates for good health.

  • It can help to increase sexual power by intake with fresh goat milk. Take some dates and goat milk to grind them well mix than have it.

  • It increases the nervous system containing potassium and sodium.

  • Add dates compulsory in your diet with a combination of nuts, salads and take as a snack. Dates have high calories. It keeps us healthy.

  • Whoever wants to increase their body energy and make their body fit it is very helpful for them.


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