Corona virus Precautions and Symptoms

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

COVID-19(Corona Virus) is one of the dangerous viruses it was born in China in December 2019. It spread easily human to human and animals. First, it collapsed peoples in China and then spread to over the world so many countries. It killed so many people in the world. Medical officials do not find still how this virus spread and how it would come.

The disease is increasing day by day, and the deaths are increasing all over the world. So, people take care of it to save their lives.

There is no medicine to stop spreading this virus. Large Pharma companies and so many scientists are involved in the finding of a vaccine. The research process is going on in medical labs to find out the medicine to this virus.

We haven't seen a virus like this that can kill people. It takes 14 days to know whether the virus is infected or not. So, be careful about your selves. It has a high impact on adults(above 50 years) and young children(below 10 years). People with BP, sugar, and heart disease can have a severe impact.

Symptoms of Corona disease



Difficulty in Breathing.

If you have any of the above symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately. Because it is a very dangerous virus.


  1. Corona virus does not live in the air. So, it does not spread through the air.

  2. It can live only 12 hours on metal objects. Wash hands for every two hours with soap.

  3. It lives 9 hours on clothes. So let it dry for two hours in a dry or dry sun or wash.

  4. It can live for 9 minutes on top of hands. So use a hand sanitizer.

  5. Avoid cold creams. Serve hot water with hot ingredients.

  6. Sprayed with tepid salt water prevents the virus from spreading.

  7. It is better not to leave the crowd for a few days.

  8. Wear masks prevent the spreading of this virus.

  9. Don’t touch mouth, nose, and face with your hand.

  10. Maintain at least 1 or 2 meter distance between human to human.

  11. Don’t’ use the same mask again and again.

  12. Drink hot water three or 4 times per day

Why you take precautions

Because of these precautions, you can save from COVID-19 disease. In Israel's country, they following some home remedies to fight with this. They are taking lemon, salt, and hot water. It helps increase immunity in the body. We have to take minerals and vitamins to increase immunity. Raisins, almonds, and eggs help for immunity. The body must be strong enough to withstand the disease. This can have a greater impact on the immunity of the elderly or younger children.

These are only remedies, not medicines. It helps you to fight with COVID-19.


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