Cold and cough home remedies

Updated: Apr 10

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With the onset of winter, children get sick more quickly than adults. They often suffer from colds, coughs, and respiratory problems. Take these precautions to get out of them.

Colds and coughs are common problems in children. These are even more troublesome in the winter. Immunity in children is low due to high sputum defect and the inability of all zones in the body to function absolutely.

What to do..?

  • Betel nut is a good remedy for cough. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice and add honey with half spoon of this juice and apply to the tongue.

  • If you have a cold or cough, apply a little honey on the tongue. Add four drops of basil juice and two drops of honey to the mixture.

  • If a child has a runny nose and suffers from shortness of breath, boil water and add some salt. Dip cotton in this water and place the drops in the nose and, it gives relief.

  • Put few wicks on a handkerchief or a damp cloth and inhale the smell if placed near children. The breathing can be simple.


  • Melt a little camphor in coconut oil. It feels comfortable to write softly on the chest of a small child.

  • Should take a little camphor, mix it with some rice and wrap both in a thin cloth, and place it near the nose. The smell of camphor through the air enters the child’s nose and, breathing can get freely.

  • If there is too much sputum, apply coconut oil on the chest and wrap fried ajwain(vamu) have to make the fomentation with this.

  • Halve the chebulic myrobalan like pull out the sandalwood mix honey in this. If you have to take it, cough can control.

  • Boil a glass of milk and mix it with maple pepper powder and a little jaggery. Doing so will provide relief from colds. Add a spoonful of pepper powder to the boiled cup and wait for the decoction. Adding salt to it and rinsing it well will keep the tonsils away. Sore throat subsides.

  • Put half a spoon of ghee in a pan and when it is hot, fry the shrimp horn and let it cool. Then dry. This powder should be mixed with ghee in rice and taken regularly as the first lump. It improves digestion.

Take ginger lehyam in the winter


Ginger is so good for many health problems that we face in winter. Ginger has many appetite suppressants. With this, you can make medicine at home like a sweets spicy lehyam. You can be healthy if you take it regularly.

How to prepare it..?

Take 250 gr ginger to wash cleanly. Full out the feel then, cut it small pieces and keep aside. Fry them in oil and after quenching, grinds them into a paste. Make a powder; quarter kilo crystal jaggery, and add a little water and boil until the caramel thickens. Before this, mix 5 gm of ginger powder, 10 gm of peppermint powder, 15 gm of coriander powder, and 5 gm of cardamom powder and keep it ready. While the caramel is thickening, add the ginger paste and ginger powder mixture and let it boil till the edges are left. Then pour it on a plate and let it cool. Cut it into pieces and store it in a glass jar. It is good to eat one piece daily.

Arthritis can be irritating during this period. Then melt the horny horn, warm that sandalwood a little, and apply a thin layer of ointment on the joints. Doing so will bring relief from the pain.


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