Best face packs for fairness skin

Updated: Feb 24

Many people were using different face packs those are available in markets. Those have chemicals and may be harmful to our skin. So, we can make simple face packs and face masks naturally.

Marigold face pack

  • There is a pimple on the face - take two marigold flower make it as a paste. To this, add a tablespoon of sandalwood powder, one tablespoon curd and t-spoon of lemon juice. Mix all, then apply it over the face, neck, and hands leave it for 20 minutes then wash as usual. By doing this, two times in a week face can get glowing.

  • For oiled skin – make two marigolds as a paste, to this paste add half tablespoon of peanut flour, lemon juice, and curd well mix them then apply over the face. Wash after half an hour as usual due to this skin becomes clear.

  • For dry skin – Take tow marigold to make it as paste add to this tablespoon of cream, half tablespoon honey apply this mixer over the face and neck if you wash it after 20 minutes skin can be thick.

  • Except for those problems who have normal skin they can use - add one t-spoon milk powder, one tablespoon curd, two t- spoons carrot thrum to the two marigolds flakes. Place these, in the mixer and grind it well then apply it over the face. By doing like this, the skin can get glowing.

Curd and Sesame oil – for dry skin

  • Take a big spoon of curd and sesame oil mix them then apply over the face. Wash it after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.

  • In a small cup of banana mash, add two spoons, honey and Apply this mixer over the face and wash after 15 minutes. Due to this, dry skin can change as often.

  • Apply egg white over the face after dry completely wipe with a fluffy cloth dipped in hot water then wash with lukewarm water. If you do like this, the skin can be constricting. Note: Should not talk when it apply on the face.

  • Add in the amount of spoon honey, lemon juice, and peanut flour. Apply this mixer over the face and wash after 15 minutes. It works well for oiled skin people.

For glowing skin

  • Mix a little bit turmeric powder, one spoon amount of honey and milk in two spoons of Aleo vera pulp then apply over the face. After 15 minutes wash with lukewarm water. It gives a better result.

  • Add one spoon of cooking soda and some amount of honey in two spoons of olive oil, mix all apply it over the neck. Massage it in circulation form. After some time wash with cold water then have to apply moisturizer. If you do it often, skin can change brightness.

  • Mix a little bit sandalwood and one spoon of honey in half a cup of papaya pulp and then apply over the face like a mask after 20 minutes wash it with cold water. If you do like this twice in a week, it gives good result.


  • Take rice powder, fenugreek, Oats powder in equal quantity to this, add four drops of almond oil, a pinch of turmeric powder and rose water mix all these and apply like a mask. While after massage and wash it. Due to this, the skin can get brightness.

  • In a three-spoon thick yogurt, add a little bit cucumber pulp. Massage the face and neck with this mixture. The dead cells will be clear on the skin and look fresh.


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